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17 years of history

A successful company is usually built on the vision of its leader.  In RibbonTrim's case, this vision goes back to the previous century.

RibbonTrim's roots trace back to Italian immigrants, Villa & Rossi, who started the business selling goods to rural Australians in 1880. Early on they embraced an opportunity to expand into manufacturing hat trims and hatbands – something that everyone needed at the time.

From these humble beginnings Hatbands, the foundation company of RibbonTrim, emerged.  Hatbands grew to manufacture narrow fabrics for the millinery, fashion, corporate and schoolwear industries.

Following Theo Rossi’s retirement in 2003, and the closing of the Hatbands factory, Alexandra – the fourth generation - continues the family tradition with her company RibbonTrim where quality narrow fabrics are supplied to her many customers.

For a more detailed story of the birth of RibbonTrim/Hatbands read on:

In the 1920’s Dunkerly Hat Mills (now Akubra Hats) wanted Mafio Rossi’s to make the bindings for their hats instead of importing Borsalino Hats from Italy.  So Rossi went back to Intra in Italy and bought a weaving company, which he set up in McEvoy St, Waterloo and called Hatbands.  All the staff decided to move to Sydney, Australia as well. 

And so the Rossi weaving tradition was founded.

The rest – as they say – is history.

RibbonTrim is proud to of its heritage and pleased that many of our customers have been associated with us for over 40 years. The vision, quality and service that RibbonTrim was founded upon continues today and we look forward to sharing this with you.

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