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As fourth generation weavers; ribbons & braids are in our blood

We don't weave the ribbon anymore, instead we seek out companies with an in depth technical knowledge to match our own and the most modern equipment to produce just what our clients are seeking.

We know what will work for your needs and what will be a waste of your effort and money.

For 17 years, Alexandra has worked in the family business.  In the early days on the factory floor she learned the art of weaving on old, timber, shuttle looms and learned the art of dyeing ribbons.  At the same time she was taught and practiced the art of keeping customer satisfaction rates high, so customers keep coming back for her ideas, advise and ultimately more braid.

Melissa has been working alongside Alexandra for 7 years (as well as being a great friend for 36 years).  She has come to know the products and the customers of RibbonTrim with equal in depth knowledge.

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